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Gescom are an electronic music project working in the IDM style based in England. They are closely linked to Autechre, although the exact nature or membership of the project is a matter for some debate. Autechre themselves describe Gescom as an umbrella project involving 20 or 30 people. The Gescom EP credits Sean Booth and Rob Brown (Autechre), Daryl Fitton (Bola), Rob Hall (skam records), and Daniel 72; but most of their releases are anonymous.

Stylistically they are more danceable and less abstract than Autechre - aside from a few conceptual remixes (and the minidisc, see below). Notable releases are Keynell, Iss:sa, and the Only 3 minidisc. The latter is the first ever minidisc only release, and was designed to take advantage of the format's zero seek time - it contains 88 tracks, intended to be played in shuffle mode, creating a random and unique DJ experience every time it is played. Mostly a collection of DSP tricks and glitch-like tracks, there are a few stand-out pieces (Pricks, Kuntsford Services, Yo! DMX Crew), but there's probably too little depth or variation to engage the casual listener, and certainly nothing to entice them onto the dance floor.




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