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Akershus is a county in Norway, bordering Hedmark, Oppland, Buskerud, Oslo, Østfold,and Värmland in Sweden. In 2002 there were 477,325 inhabitants, which is 10.5% of the total population in Norway. Its area is 4,917 km². The county administration is in Oslo, which is not part of the county per se.


Akershus is parted in two different areas east and west of Oslo. The area in west includes the districts of Asker and Bærum. All the other districts are situated east of Oslo. The east part of Akershus consists of the landscapes Romerike and Follo. Romerike is situated in the north, Follo in the south. Akershus includes some of the lake Mjøsa and some of the river Glomma. The county also includes the place called Eidsvoll, where the first modern Parlament of Norway was situated. The airport of Oslo, Gardermoen, is in Romerike. The Palace of the Crownprince is situated in Asker.