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Zhongli Quan

Zhongli Quan (鐘離權 or 鐘离權 in pinyin: zhong1 li2 quan2), or Chung-li Ch'üan in Wade-Giles, is one of the most ancient of the Eight Immortals (the oldest is Iron-crutch Li) and the leader of the groups. (Some people consider Lü Dongbin to be an informal leader.)

From Yantai (燕台 yan4 tai2), Zhongli Quan was a general in Han Dynasty. During his birth, there was a bright beam of light filled the room. His is also called Zhongli of Han (漢鐘離) because he was born in the Han Dynasty. For the first seven days after birth, he cried non-stop. 

In Daoism, he is known as Original Master Truely-yang (正陽祖師 zhen4 yang2 zu2 shi1). He is Master Cloud-chamber (雲房先生 yun2 fang2 xian1 sheng1) in accounts describing his encounter with Lü Dongbin when he was not an immortal yet.

His fan can revive the dead.

He has a very rare double-character surname, Zhongli. 


Depicted with his chest and belly bare and holding a fan.