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Yo Se Que Mentia

Yo Se Que Mentia was a 1982 soap opera produced by Puerto Rico's WAPA-TV.

It included Argentina's Daniel Guerrero, Puerto Rican dancing legend Iris Chacon, a young Adamari Lopez, Amneris Morales and Miguel Angel Suarez and Angela Meyer as a married couple who tried to make Guerrero and Chacon's lifes impossible, particularly Meyer's character.

Yo Se Que Mentia became one of the most viewed Puerto Rican telenovelas in history, and the show's main song, also named Yo Se Que Mentia, became one of Chacon's biggest hits as a singer.

The soap opera became an important part of Lopez's career. She was only 9 when she participated in it, and now she is a big international acting super-star.