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Iris Chacon

Iris Chacon is a Puerto Rican who was, at one time, the world's most famous Vedette.

Chacon's voice wasn't great, but her dancing ability became legendary all across Latin America and the United States. During her heyday of the 1970's and early 1980's , she toured all of Latin America, the USA, Europe and Japan. She also starred in many movies and soap operas, such as Yo Se Que Mentia. Her acting, however, wasn't anything to talk much about either. She also was able to amass quite a fortune, buy mansions and cars and live in a lot of luxury.

She was able to exploit her sensuality with her dances and skimpy bathing suits and dresses she used during her shows, and her combination of both her great talent as a dancer and her sensuality were her formula to succeed.

In 1983, a TV commercial she did for Amalie Coolants became one of the most famous TV commercial's in Puerto Rico's history. She also had a variety show, El Show De Iris Chacon, for more than 15 years on WAPA-TV Saturday nights. There, she was able to display her talents as a variety show host and interviewer as well as a dancer.

After her heyday, she moved to Miami, where she lived more modestly, and found a job acting in a children's series for PBS, a job which she keeps currently.

She has been married to musician Junno Faria for more than 25 years, and they have a daughter, Katiria Faria Chacon together. Her sisters, Lourdes Chacon and Liliana Chacon also were vedettes who became quite famous in Puerto Rico durong the 80's. Iris and Liliana are converted Christians.