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Wuqiu Jian

Wuqiu Jian (毋丘儉 wu2 qiu1 jian3; courtesy name: 仲恭 zhong4 gong1; ?-255) was a Chinese general of the Kingdom of Wei.

He got favored by Emperor Ming. In 237 he was sent to Liaodong to overthrow Gongsun Yuan but was obstructed by floods. In the next year Sima Yi and Wuqiu Jian succeeded in conquering the Gongsun family. In recognition of the campaign, the title of Marquess of Anyi (安邑候) was bestowed on him.

In 244 Wuqiu Jian led the second punitive expedition to Goguryeo. He defeated the Goguryo army led by King Gong (宮) beside the Tongjia River and then occupied the capital Wandu. In the next year, he led the third campaign. He occupied the capital again and forced the king to flee to the southeast. A subsection of the Chinese army reached the eastern coast of the peninsula and another reached northern Manchuria. During the campaign he built a monument in commemoration of the conquest which was discovered in 1905 and is now called "monument where Wuqiu Jian inscribed achievements" (毋丘儉紀功碑).

When Sima Shi deposed King Qi, the successor of Emperor Ming, he revolted against Sima Shi. He was, however, defeated and killed. Some think his action resulted from his loyalty to the royal family, and others treat it just as a rebellion.