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Liaodong Peninsula

The Liaodong Peninsula (sim. ch 辽东半岛) is a peninsula in the Liaoning province of northeastern China. Liaodong means "Eastern Liaoning".


The peninsula lays at the north of the Yellow Sea, between the Bohai Sea to the west and the Korea Bay to the east.

It forms the southern part of a mountain belt that continues northward in the Changbai Mountains. The part of the mountain range on the peninsula is known as the Qian Mountains.

The seaport of Dalian (formerly known as Lushun, or Port Arthur) is located at its southernmost point.


The peninsula was an important battlefield during the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895).

As a consequence of the Treaty of Portsmouth (September 5, 1905), which ended the Russo-Japanese War, both sides agreed to evacuate Manchuria and return its sovereignty to China, but Japan was leased the Liaodong Peninsula.

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