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William Ralph Inge

William Ralph Inge (June 6 1860 - February 26 1954) was an English author, Anglican prelate and professor of divinity at Cambridge.

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He was born at Crayke, Yorkshire, England. His father was William Inge (a provost at Worcester College, Oxford) and his mother Susanna (Churton) Inge. His mother's father was the archdeacon of Cleveland.

W. R. Inge was educated at Eton College and at King's College, Cambridge.

Professional Life

He was a tutor at Hertford College, Oxford from 1888.

In 1907 he became a professor of divinity at Jesus College, Cambridge, holding the Lady Margaret's Professor of Divinity chair.

He was a columnist for 25 years (1921 - 1946) at Evening Standard.

He was a trustee of London's National Portrait Gallery from 1921 until 1951.


In 1888 he was ordained a deacon.

In 1911 he became the Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral in London, chosen by the Prime Minister Asquith. He retired in 1934.


He wrote several books on Mysticism.



His wife was Mary Catharine Inge (née Spooner), daughter of Henry Maxwell Spooner. She died in
1949. See Portraits of Mary Catharine Inge.

He was nicknamed The Gloomy Dean because of his pessimistic views on his Evening Standard articles.

He was a supporter of animal rights.


The staff of the Brown University Library ([1]) withdrew two W. R. Inge's books in November 2002: See [1].

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