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Wiki software

Wiki software is a type of collaborative software that runs a Wiki system. It is usually a CGI script that runs on web server(s) in the World Wide Web.

The first such software was originated or created by Ward Cunningham. Now, many different scripts exist. They clone or enhance the original version. A list of these different Wiki script-variants can be found at the URL of " class="external">

The remainder of this article lists only the most popular Wiki scripts.

Version: 1.3.4 (December 2002)
Licence: GPL.

small, simple, strict xhtml, standard-compliant, plain files

Download page
Version: TWiki 01 Feb 2003.
Licence: GPL
Programming language: cgi-bin script written in perl

Download page
Version: 0.92 (April 21, 2001)
Licence: GPL
Programming language: perl

Licence: GPL
Programming language: perl

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Version: 0.21.1 (2003/08/03000)
Licence: GPL
Programming language: Zope

Version: 1.1
License: GPL
Programming language: Python

Licence: Artistic License
Programming language: Perl

Version: Phase III, improvement of Software Phase II (the "II" referred to the fact that earlier Wikipedia used different software)
License: GPL
Programming language: PHP

Version: 0.4.0
License: MIT License
Programming language: Common_Lisp


Client-side Wiki software

For software supported by Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Supported Software

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