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United Paramount Network

The United Paramount Network (UPN) is a television network in the United States, which attracts a relatively small audience. UPN's parent Viacom Inc. also owns the more widespread CBS network.

It formerly broadcast the Star Trek series, Star Trek: Voyager.

Recently, as Voyager's 7-season run came to an end, UPN began broadcasting the newest Star Trek spin-off, Enterprise. UPN also bought the rights to broadcast the television show Buffy, The Vampire Slayer from the Warner Brothers network.

The network also produced some special programs. For example, they presented the Iron Chef USA program during Christmas 2001.

Paramount had earlier attempted their own television network with the Paramount Television Service. Set to launch in Spring 1978, its programming would have only consisted of one night a week. Thirty "Movies of the Week" would follow Star Trek: Phase Two, on Saturday Nights. The network failed to sell enough advertising and aquire enough affiliates to make the network viable.

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