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Vancouver Grizzlies

The Vancouver Grizzlies were a National Basketball Association team based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Founded: 1995
Currently known as: Memphis Grizzlies 2001 - present
Home Arena: General Motors Palace
Uniform colors: Turquoise, Black, Red, and Bronze
Logo design: A grizzly bear gripping a basketball in its right front claw, with "VANCOUVER" in small type and "GRIZZLIES" in much larger type above the bear
NBA Championships: none

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Franchise history

The Vancouver Grizzlies began NBA play in 1995 along with the Toronto Raptors. Both teams were symbols of the NBA's growth, and the were the first NBA teams to play in Canada. The Grizzlies were initially composed of players taken from other teams via an expansion draft, and were joined by the Grizzlies first draft pick: Bryant Reeves. The first season for the Grizzlies was typical for an expansion team, and the team finished with the worst record in the NBA. In 1996, the Grizzlies would get their highest draft pick to date, taking Shareef Abdur-Raheem with the 3rd pick in the draft. Despite his solid play, the Grizzlies continued to struggle, again having the worst record in the NBA.

In 1997, the Grizzlies would take Antonio Daniels with the 4th pick and saw some improvement as they finished in 6th place. However 1998 would bring the Grizzlies back to last place, despite excellent play by rookie guard Mike Bibby. In the strike-shortened season, the Grizzlies would only win 8 games.

After the NBA lockout, the attendance numbers at Grizzlies games began to drop, and the team began losing money. Ownership of the team was transferred a few times, but nothing could stem the tide. The fact that the Grizzlies were not competitive didn't help matters. By 2001, it was clear that the team would have to move to survive, and Memphis was selected as the new home of the Grizzlies, ending Vancouver's six-year experiment with professional basketball.

Players of note

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