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U.S. presidential election, 1936

Presidential CandidateElectoral Vote Popular Vote Pct Party Running Mate
(Electoral Votes)
Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York (W) 523 27,751,597 60.8% Democratic John N. Garner of Texas (523)
Alfred M. Landon of Kansas 8 16,679,583 36.6% Republican Frank Knox of Illinois (8)
William Lemke of North Dakota 0 892,267 2.0% Union Party Thomas C. O'Brien of Massachusetts
Norman Thomas of New York 0 187,833 0.4% Socialist Party George A. Nelson
Earl Browder of New York 0 80,171 0.2% Communist Party James W. Ford of New York
D. Leigh Colvin of New York 0 37,677 0.1% Prohibition Party Claude A. Watson of California
Other 0 3,034 0.0%
Total 531 45,632,162 100.0%
Other elections: 1924, 1928, 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944, 1948
Source: U.S. Office of the Federal Register

The Democratic Party Convention was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and overwhelmingly nominated incumbant President F.D. Roosevelt.

The Republican Party Convention in Cleveland, Ohio nominated Alf Landon from Kansas.

The election was held on November 3, 1936.

Roosevelt won reelection by a wide margin; while the country was still suffering from the Great Depression, most voters thought Roosevelt's active programs were more likely to improve the situation than a return to a Republican administration.

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