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U.S. Army Rangers

Official force name

75th Ranger Regiment

Other names

Airborne Rangers
Army Rangers
Task Force Ranger
U.S. Army Rangers


U.S. Army

Chain of Command



Special Operations Force, rapidly deployable light infantry force.


Each battalion can deploy anywhere in the world with 18 hours notice.


Conducting conventional or special light-infantry operations, conducting direct action operations, conducting raids, infiltrating and exfiltrating by sea, air or land, recovery of personnel and special equipment.


Fort Benning, Georgia
United States of America


Rangers Lead The Way! (RLTW)


1st Battallion:
Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia

2nd Battallion:
Fort Lewis, Washington

3rd Battallion:
Fort Benning, Georgia


84mm Ranger Antitank Weapons System (RAWS), 60mm Mortars M240B machine guns, 81mm Mortars Mark 19 RP MM grenade launcher, 120mm Mortars stinger.

Insertion date

June 19, 1942

Reason of creation

America's entry to WWII.

The 75th Ranger Regiment is a Special Operations Force of the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC); with headquarters in Fort Benning, Georgia. The Regiment is a flexible, highly trained and rapidly deployable light infantry force with specialized skills that enables it to be employed against a variety of conventional and special operations targets.

The force specializes in Airborne, light-infantry and direct action operations, conducting raids, infiltration and exfiltration by air, land or sea, airfield seizure, recovery of personnel and special equipment, and support of general purpose forces (GPF) among others. Each Ranger Battalion can deploy anywhere in the world with 18 hours notice.

The Rangers are considered by many Americans as the best light infantry unit in the world.

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The term ‘Ranger’ first appeared in 1670 in Church's Rangers, though the WWII reference was taken from Roger's Rangers of 1756, whose Standing Orders are still quoted today. In May 1942 during World War II, the 1st Ranger Battalion was sanctioned and recruited from forces in Northern Ireland and trained in Scotland by the British Commandos. Together with the ensuing 3rd, and 4th Ranger Battalions they served in North Africa and Italy under William O. Darby until the Battle of Cisterna (January 29, 1944) when all but a handful of the 1st and 3rd were wiped out or captured.

Prior to the 5th Rangers landing on Omaha Beach in WWII, three Companies of the 2nd Ranger Batt. scaled the 150 foot cliffs of Point Du Hoc, a few miles to the west, to destory a battery of five 155mm guns. Under constant fire during the climb, they found only a small company of Germans on the cliffs and the artillery withdrawn some 500 metres. The guns were later found and destroyed and the Rangers cut and held the main road for two days before being relieved.

Rangers' sleeve patch

Becoming a Ranger

To become a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment one must begin with the nine weeks of Basic Combat Training (BCT). Upon completion of Basic Training the soldier will then attend Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to obtain a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). This training varies in length depending on the selected MOS. Next, the soldier must complete Airborne training. Upon graduation of Airborne School the soldier will be assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment to attend the Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP).

If the soldier passes each of the required training schools and RIP, he will receive an assignment to either the 75th Ranger Regiment Headquarters or one of the three Ranger Battalions. [1]

Motto: Rangers Lead The Way!

The Rangers earned their motto “Rangers Lead The Way!” (RLTW) on Omaha Beach in WWII. When General Cota reached the beach, he determined the force must move in land or perish. He asked, “What the hell unit is this?” Maj. Mac Schnider replied, “The Rangers.” General Cota said: “Rangers lead the way off this beach.”

Ranger Creed

Main article: Ranger Creed.

Rangers on patrol
U.S. Army Photo


Famous Rangers

See also: List of actors who played Rangers in movies

Mike Steele, Pat Tillman, Kevin Tillman.

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Rangers on night recon
U.S. Army Photo

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