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Tulcea (population: 92,000) is a city in Dobruja, Romania.


Built in the 8th century BC and mentioned in the documents of Diodor in the 3rd century BC under the name of "Aegyssus". Ovid mentioned it in the Ex Ponto, saying that it was named after the founder, the Dacian Carpyus Aegyssus. In the 1st century, it will be conquered by the Romans, which will make a base for the Roman fleet defending the Roman Empire's North-Eastern borders, building tall defence walls and towers, ruins of which are still visible.

It was then ruled by the Byzantines (8th - 9th century), Genovese (10th - 13th century), it was part of the local feudal kingdoms of Balica, Dobrotici and since 1390 ruled by Wallachian Mircea cel Batran.

In 1416 it was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, being renamed "Hora-Tepé". In the 1848, it was still a small shipyard town. It became a city in 1860 when it became a province capital.