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Triple jump

The triple jump is an athletic (track and field) event, previously also known as "hop, step and jump", which describes the actions a competitor takes. The athlete runs down a runway until he reaches a designed mark from which the jump is measured. The first landing after that mark has to be done with the same foot as that which the athlete set off before or on the mark. The next phase is a step (so with the other foot), and finally a jump, landing in a sand box, like in the long jump.

The triple jump has been included in the Olympic Games since its first celebration in 1896; in fact, the first Olympic Champion, James Connolly was a triple jumper. In 1996, a triple jump event for women was held at the Olympics as well, after having been included in the World Championships.

The current male and female world record holders are Jonathan Edwards of the UK, with a jump of 18.29 metres (Goteborg, August 7, 1995) and Inessa Kravets of Ukraine with a jump of 15.50 metres (Goteborg, August 10, 1995).

Other famous triple jumpers: