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Jonathan Edwards (sports)

Jonathan David Edwards (born May 10, 1966 in London) is a British triple jumper.

Edwards initially refused to compete on Sundays due to his devout Christian beliefs, a decision which cost him a chance to compete in the 1991 World Championships. However in 1993, after much deliberation and discussion with his father (a vicar), he changed his mind, stating that God gave him his talent in order for him to compete. The decision proved timely, since the qualifying round at that year's World Championships took place on a Sunday. He went on to win the bronze medal.

He capped an unbeaten 1995 with a historic gold-medal performance at the World Championships. On his first jump, he became the first to pass the 18-metre barrier (18.16 m). That record lasted for about 20 minutes. His second jump of 18.29m made him the first to jump 60 feet.

Edwards won the Gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, and was awarded the CBE shortly afterwards. He also won golds at the 2001 World Championships and 2002 Commonwealth Games.

He retired after the 2003 World Championships.

In 1995, Edwards became the BBC Sports Personality of the Year.

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