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Toy Story

Toy Story is a computer-generated imagery (CGI) animation film by The Walt Disney Company and Pixar released in theaters on November 21, 1995. Followed by Toy Story 2 in 1999, the video Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins in 2000 and the TV series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command also in 2000. The later two featuring only the cartoon (not CGI) rendition of Buzz Lightyear and Little Green Men (LGM) characters from the first movie.

This movie is Disney's first feature-length completely computer-animated movie. It is also Pixar's first feature to be released in theaters. It grossed USD 356,800,000 worldwide, making it the 65th highest- grossing movie in history (not adjusted for inflation). The primary characters are toys in the room of the six-year-old boy Andy, and is mostly told from their point of view. Andy, his baby sister and mother have smaller roles as do the neighbor 'Sid', his dog 'Scud' and sister 'Hannah'.

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The main toy characters are:

Other toy characters include:


Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers

The movie starts with a meeting among the toys to discuss the family's upcoming move. At the end of the meeting it is announced that today is Andy's birthday party. This results in pandemonium from the other toys. Everyone one is afraid they will be replaced. Woody of course is calm since he is Andy's favorite and would never be replaced.

Finally, to calm everyone down Woody sends a reconnaissance group of little green toy soldiers using a baby monitor to scout the party. There are no new toys at the party, until mom pulls out another box, but the soldiers are cut off and we don't hear what it is, only that the kids are coming upstairs. All the toys rush to their places before Andy returns.

When Andy arrives, Woody is brushed out of his place - the middle of the bed - and onto the floor to make space for the new toy. Once the kids leave to eat cake. Woody climbs back on the bed to see who this is that could have displaced him.

A conflict between Woody and Buzz develops with Woody's jealousy that Buzz displaces him, and his irritation with the fact Buzz does not know he is a toy. This conflict results in Woody and Buzz ending up in a situation where the only way out is for them to work together.

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Debian (a Linux distribution) releases are named after characters from this movie. (e.g. Potato, Woody)