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Time Bandits

Time Bandits (1981) is a fantasy film directed by Terry Gilliam (who created animations for Monty Python's Flying Circus), produced by George Harrison's Handmade Films.

It portrayed a young boy, named Kevin, who accidentally becomes involved with a group of dwarves who have just stolen a map. The map allows the holder extra-ordinary powers, by jumping from time to time through portals - holes in the fabric of space/time. The dwarves stole the map from the Supreme Being. Initially, they worked for him, creating the world and universe. However, the source of all evil (personified by actor David Warner) is also after the map to gain control of the universe from the Supreme Being.

The band of thieves roam history stealing all that they can, from medieval France through to the late nineteenth century. The plot ends at the Legends and the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness where they confront Evil.

John Cleese (playing Robin Hood) and Sean Connery (playing King Agamemnon) put in guest appearances. Kenny Baker of R2-D2 fame, also plays one of the dwarves.