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Thomas II of Savoy

Thomas II, (b. ca. 1199 - d. 1259) was the regent of the County of Savoy when his nephew, Boniface, was fighting abroad. He was also the Count of Flanders (1237-1244 and a count in Piedmont (1244-1259).


1. Joan of Constantinople, d. 1244, Countess of Flanders-Hainaut, daughter of Baldwin I of Constantinople
2. Beatrice of Fiechi, d. 1283, niece of Pope Innocent IV and had 2 children:
1. Thomas (III) d. 1282, pretender of Count of Savoy, married in 1274 to Guia of Burgundy, the step-daughter of Philip I of Savoy and had 5 children:
1. Philip, first of Cadet line of Savoy-Achaea, lasting from 1285 to 1418
2. Peter
3. Thomas
4. Amadeus
5. William
2. Amedeo

Preceded by:
House of Savoy Succeeded by:
Pietro II