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Philip I of Savoy

Philip I (b.1207 - d.1285) was the Count of Savoy from 1268 to 1285. Before ascending the throne, he was the Bishop of Valence (1241-1267), Dean of Vienne (1241-1267) and Archbishop of Lyon (1245-1267).

married in 1267 to Alice of Merano d. 1279, Countess-Palatinate of Burgundy who had 7 children from her first marriage:

1. Otto IV, Count-Palatinate of Burgundy (1279-1301) and married
in 1271 to 1. Philippa of Bar
in 1285 to 2. Mahaut of Artois, granddaughter of Louis IX of France
2. Renaud, Count of Montbeliard
3. John
4. Guia of Burgundy, married in 1274 to Thomas (III) of Savoy, pretender of Count of Savoy and son of Thomas II of Savoy.
5. Hugues
6. Police, married to Aymer IV, Count of Valence (1277-1330)
7. Elizabeth d. 1275, married in 1250 to Hartman the Young, Count of Kyburg d. 1263 and has a daughter:
Anne, married in 1273 to Eberhard of Habsburg-Laufeuburg

Preceded by:
Pietro II
House of Savoy Succeeded by:
Amedeo V