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The Mighty Hercules

The Mighty Hercules was an animated series based loosely on the Greek mythological character of Hercules. It debuted in 1963 and ran until 1966. 109 episodes were produced. Adventure Cartoon Productions made the series in connection with Trans-Lux Television, the same people who later brought the anime series Speed Racer to U.S audiences.

The cartoon features Hercules, the legendary hero, who dwells on Mount Olympus. When villains threaten the people of ancient Greece, he puts on a magic ring from which he gets his superpowers. When he puts it on, it is struck by flashes of lightning. Hercules is then endowed with super-strength and the ability to fly, and goes forth in brief episodes to do battle with nemeses such as Daedalus, an evil wizard who is the chief villain, as well as others such as Wilhemine the Sea Witch, and the Mask of Vulcan. Hercules has friends and allies such as Helena, his girlfriend; Prince (later King) Dorian; the boy centaur Newton, and Tewt, a boy satyr.

Hercules's voice actor was Jimmy Tapp. The series also featured a memorable theme song sung by Johnny Nash, whose lyrics went:

Hercules, hero of song and story!
Hercules, winner of ancient glory!
Fighting for the right,
fighting with his might;
With the strength of ten
Ordinary men!

Hercules, people are safe when near him!
Hercules, only the evil fear him!
Softness in his eyes,
Iron in his thighs;
Virtue in his heart,
Fire in every part of
The Mighty Hercules!

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