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Tchaikovsky International Competition

The Tchaikovsky International Competition is one of the most prestigious classical music competitions in the world. Named for Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, it has taken place in Moscow every four years since 1958. In 2002, the most recent year, 627 musicians applied from 54 countries, of whom 272 were accepted: 65 pianists, 52 violinists, 63 cellists and 92 vocalists.

Originally the competition was for pianists and violinists only. Cellists were added starting with the second competition in 1962, and vocalists with the third in 1966. No other categories have been added since 1966.

The competition is organized by a committee of prominent Russian musicians and managed by the Russian State Concert Company (Sodruzhestvo). Juries of notable soloists, music professors, music directors and previous winners from all over the world are selected to judge the performances and choose the winners.

Three elimination rounds are held throughout the month of June. Currently, a total of 26 prizes are awarded: six in each instrumental category and four each for male and female vocalists. Sometimes, however, no one wins first prize, or it may be shared between competitors. This can also occur with the lesser prizes. In earlier years, up to eight prizes were awarded.

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