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Tapio Rautavaara

Tapio Rautavaara
The multitalented Tapio Rautavaara (March 8, 1915 - September 25, 1979) of Finland was successful and famous as an athlete, performing artist and actor. He won the gold medal in the javelin at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London and many other top placements in international javelin competitions. He was also a member of the Finnish team that took part in the archery World Championships of 1958. Picture on the right is an "official" fan picture from 1946, that highlighted his both roles.

His mellow, sentimental recordings are still somewhat popular. His rendition of the Johnny Cash mainstay I Walk the Line given the title Yölinjallain (and transformed into a song about a long haul truck-driver) is one of the most frequently played recordings played on the radio on nights. Another perennial favorite is his rendition in song form of the Eino Leino poem Mennninkäinen ja Päivänsäde (about a nocturnal troll and a sprite of daylight, and their doomed romance).

Rautavaara acted in numerous Finnish films, and was also supposedly a candidate for the part of Tarzan after Johnny Weissmuller quit his career.

His memorial is located in the centre of Helsinki’s Oulunkylä district, where Rautavaara spent most of his life.

Rautavaara's filmography:

  1. Vain sinulle (1945)
  2. Synnin jäljet (1946)
  3. Kuudes käsky (1947)
  4. Kultamitalivaimo (1947)
  5. Sinut minä tahdon (1949)
  6. Aila, Pohjolan tytär (1951)
  7. Rion yö (1951)
  8. Salakuljettajan laulu (1952)
  9. Pekka Puupää (1953)
  10. 2 hauskaa vekkulia (1953)
  11. Me tulemme taas (1953)
  12. Kummituskievari (1954)
  13. Veteraanin voitto (1955)
  14. Villi Pohjola (1955)
  15. Kaunis Kaarina (1955)
  16. Kahden ladun poikki (1958)
  17. Molskis, sanoi Eemeli, molskis! (1960)
  18. Tähtisumua (1961)
  19. X-paroni (1964)
  20. Anna (1970)

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