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Suit (cards)

In card games, a suit is one of the four categories into which the deck is divided. Suits are represented by various symbols on the cards. In a standard deck of cards each suit has thirteen cards. In some games such as bridge or hearts suits play a very important role. In other games, such as blackjack, suits are meaningless. There are various ways of ranking the suits. For instance bridge ranks them alphabetically clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades, with spades being the highest.

Anglo-American suits Hearts ()
Diamonds ()
Clubs (♣)
Spades (♠)

French suits Hearts (coeurs) Tiles (carreaux) Clovers (trèfles) Swords (piques)

Spanish suits Cups (copas) Coins (oros, "gold") Clubs (bastos, "batons") Swords (espadas)

German suits Hearts (Herz) Bells (Schellen) Acorns (Eichel) Leaves (Laub)

Swiss suits Shields Bells Acorns Flowers

Tarot suits Cups Pentacles Wands Swords

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