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Sten Sture the Younger

The Death of Sten Sture the Younger on the ice of lake Mälaren.
Painting by Carl Gustaf Hellqvist (1880).

Sten Sture, den yngre
Regency1512 - February 5, 1520
ConsortChristina Gyllenstierna
PredecessorEric Trolle
SuccessorChristian II of Sweden
Date of Birth1493
Place of Birthn/a
Date of DeathFebruary 5, 1520
Place of DeathOn the ice of lake Mälaren
Place of BurialCorpse exhumed and burned
at the Stockholm Bloodbath.

Sten Sture the Younger, or Sten Sture den yngre, Swedish statesman and regent of Sweden, under the Kalmar Union, 1512 - February 5, 1520. He was born in 1493, as the son of regent Svante Sture, member of the Sture family, and Iliana Gädda. He was mortally wounded at the battle of Bogesund on January 19, 1520, in the beginning of Christian II of Denmark's war against Sweden, and died on the ice of lake Mälaren on his way back to Stockholm. His marriage to Christina Gyllenstierna, daughter of King Charles VIII, in 1511 produced the son Svante Stensson Sture.

Preceded by:
Erik Trolle
List of Swedish monarchs Succeeded by:
Christian II