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Christina Gyllenstierna

Christina Gyllenstierna (1494-1559), wife of the Swedish regent Sten Sture the Younger, and after his death organiser of the defence against the attack from Denmark.

Her husband Sten Sture was mortally wounded at the battle of Bogesund, on January 19, 1520 and the Danish army, unopposed, was approaching Uppsala, where the members of the Swedish Privy Council, had assembled. The councillors consented to render homage to Christian on condition that he gave a full indemnity for the past and a guarantee that Sweden should be ruled according to Swedish laws and custom; and a convention to this effect was confirmed by the king and the Danish Privy Council on March 31.

Sture's widow, Dame Christina Gyllenstierna, held out stoutly at Stockholm, and the peasantry of central Sweden, roused by her patriotism, flew to arms, defeated the Danish invaders at Balundsås on March 19, and were only with the utmost difficulty finally defeated at the bloody battle of Uppsala, on Good Friday, April 6, 1520.

In May the Danish fleet arrived, and Stockholm was invested by land and sea; but Christina Gyllenstierna, resisted valiantly for four months longer, and took care, when she surrendered on September 7, 1520 to exact beforehand an amnesty of the most explicit and absolute character. On November 1 the representatives of the nation swore their allegiance to King Christian II, which repaid them by staging the Stockholm Bloodbath.