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Star Fox

Star Fox is one of Nintendo's many famous money-making franchises. The first game in the series, developed by Argonaut, revolutionized the way Super Famicom and SNES games were made. Utilizing the power of the Super FX Chip, it created the first 3D-esque experience on a home console.

The Super FX Chip was an additional math co-processor that was built into the game pack and helped the Super Famicom and SNES render the games graphics. The Super FX Chip has been used in other Super Famicom/SNES games as well, some with increased processing speed. It was later released in Europe as Star Wing. Its sequel, Star Fox 64, further revolutionized the video game industry by being the first Nintendo 64 game to feature the Rumble Pak. It was later released in Europe as Lylat Wars. The Rumble Pak's concept is still used today, in modern consoles such as the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube.

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  1. Star Fox (Super Famicom and Super Nintendo)
  2. Star Fox 2 (Super Famicom and Super Nintendo - Never released. An incomplete alpha version is floating around the net if you can find it and emulate it properly, as it is prone to crash.)
  3. Star Fox 64 (Nintendo 64)
  4. Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet (Nintendo GameCube)
  5. Star Fox Armada (Nintendo GameCube - Not yet released)