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Spencer Perceval

Spencer Perceval
Term of Office:October, 1809 - May, 1812
PM Predecessor:Duke of Portland
PM Successor:Earl of Liverpool
Date of Birth:1 November 1762
Place of Birth:London, England
Political Party:Tory

Spencer Perceval (November 1, 1762 - May 11, 1812). British Statesman and Prime Minister.

Perceval was a younger son of John Perceval, 2nd Earl of Egmont, a close advisor of Frederick, Prince of Wales and King George III.

After studying at Harrow and Cambridge, Perceval became a lawyer and entered parliament in 1796. In Addington's government, Perceval served as Solicitor General (1801-1802), and then as Attorney General under Addington and Pitt (1802-1806).

In the new administration of the Duke of Portland in 1807, Perceval joined the Cabinet as Chancellor of the Exchequer and of the Duchy of Lancaster, and served as Leader of the House of Commons for the Duke. On Portland's resignation, Perceval succeeded him as Prime Minister.

Perceval was an extreme anti-Catholic bigot, and his administration was notable mostly for its lack of most of the more important statesmen of the period. Nevertheless, Perceval was a competent parliamentary manager, and during his administration Britain pursued the Peninsular War doggedly.

On May 11, 1812, Perceval was assassinated in the House of Commons by John Bellingham, a mad man who had a personal grievance against the Prime Minister. He is buried at St Luke's Church in Charlton, south-east London.

Spencer Perceval's Administration, October 1809 - May 1812

Preceded by:
Duke of Portland
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Followed by:
Earl of Liverpool