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Lord President of the Council

The Office of Lord President of the Council is a British cabinet position, the holder of which acts as Presiding officer of the Privy Council. His principal responsibility is to preside at meetings of the Privy Council, at which the British monarch formally assents to Orders-in-Council. As the duties of the post are not rigorous it has often been given to a government minister, usually one of high standing, with non-departmental specific responsibilities. In recent years it has been most usual for the Lord President to also serve as Leader of the House of Commons, though the current Lord President also serves as Leader of the House of Lords. The Lord President is the fourth of the Great Officers of State, ranking beneath the Lord High Treasurer and above the Lord Privy Seal.

In the 19th century, the Lord President was generally the cabinet member responsible for the educational system amongst their other duties, a role still played by the Privy Council at this time, although this role was gradually scaled back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

A particularly vital role was played by the Lord President of the Council during the Second World War. The Lord President served as chairman of the Lord President's Committee. This committee acted as a central clearing house for dealing with economic problems that affected the country. As such, it was vital to the smooth running of the British war economy and consequently the entire British war effort.

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Lord Presidents 1530-1553

Lord Presidents, 1621-1631

Lord Presidents since 1678