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SJ, or Swedish Railways, is a Swedish government owned public transport on railway operator. SJ was created in 2001, out of the public transport division of Statens Järnvägar, literally the Swedish "State Railways", when the former Government Agency was divided into six separate government owned limited companies. SJ operates a number of different train systems such as X2000, Linx, and Regina to serve its customers.

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X2000 is the high speed train system operated by SJ. It is one of the premier high-speed trains of Europe. The X2000 has an average speed of 200-210 km/h, and its highest speed recorded was 275 km/h. Despite reaching these speeds, it is limited to 200 km/h on commercial runs due to of Swedish railway regulations. The reason why the X2000 was chosen is due to the fact that the country has very curved railways. Clearly, a tilting train like the X2000 had to be developed. A tilting train provided the advantages of high speed and comfort for the passengers, as tilting trains are made for curved railways.

Unlike the TGV, Thalys and other European high-speed trains, the X2000, due to its tilting mechanism, does not run on specialised high-speed lines - it runs on existing lines. This has both beneficial and negative consequences. Firstly, the trains cannot run to as high a speed as the TGV, for example, due to the lines. However, the X2000 can also run alongside 'standard' trains, allowing for greater use of the railway. Also, high-speed lines cost a lot more for building. Despite its relatively low speeds for a high-speed network, the X2000 has been very successful due to the fact that it connects many Swedish cities and is frequent and common, similar to the TGV, which spans a large number of major cities in France.

The X2000 is a premium facility train. There are audio sockets for radio and music channels, as well as headphones. In some seats, there are also modem sockets for Internet access. There is a bistro on board that serves snack bar-style dishes. In Business Class (1st class), there is personal service and a complimentary meal, similar to aeroplane service.

X2000 Routes

The X2000 network radiates out from Stockholm. The following other destinations are served:


Linx, which is half owned with
NSB, is a separate high-speed train system that also runs X2000-type trains, operates services from Copenhagen to Gothenburg, and Oslo in Norway, and from Oslo to Stockholm.

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