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Sir Swamphole McDuck

Sir Swamphole McDuck is one of Walt Disney's comic book characters, created by Carl Barks.

Sir Swamphole was born on 1190 as the son of Sir Roast McDuck, who was by then the leader of the Clan McDuck. He succeded his father as the leader of the clan in 1205. Under his leadership the clan suffered from financial problems. In 1220 he decided to seal Dismail Downs', the clan's main castle, dungeons in an attempt to decrease the maintenance cost of the castle. He did howerer create a secret passageway that led from one of castle's hallways to the sealed dungeons and from there to the family cemetery out of the castle. The passageway was useful for transportation when the castle was being under siege by rival clans. Swamphole died on 1260. The entrance to the passageway in the cemetery was disguised as his tomb. His bones remained in his armor, placed infront of the castle's entrance to the passageway.His descedants include Malcolm McDuck.