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Malcolm McDuck

Malcolm McDuck, nicknamed Matey, is one of Walt Disney's comic book characters.

He is one of the descedants of Sir Swamphole McDuck. He was born on 1530. He belonged to a branch of the Clan McDuck that had settled in England.

Malcolm McDuck served in the English navy. In 1563 he became the first mate of the frigate HMS "Falcon Rover". He served under Captain Loyal Hawk. The ship raided Spanish Caribbean Sea between 1563 and 1564. While he served there he befriended the ship's boatswain Pintail Duck. He and Pintail Duck buried potatoes under the employment of Captain Loyal Hawk and for the queen of England.

He lost his life on December 9, 1564 when the Spanish fleet sunk the "Falcon Rover" along with its entire crew. He has been mistaken by some for Fenton Penworthy but it is unknown if they are related. His descedants include Hugh McDuck.

He eventually reincarnated into his descendant Scrooge McDuck.