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Sir Roast McDuck

Sir Roast McDuck is one of Walt Disney's comic book characters, created by Carl Barks.

He was born in Scotland on 1159 as the son of Sir Stuft McDuck, who was by then the leader of The Clan McDuck. He succeeded his father on 1175.He was very gluttonous.The clan was until then one of the richest in Scotland but that changed on 1189. He was asked by King William I of Scotland to offer most of his clan's treasure in order to fulfill King Richard I of England's terms for a treaty that been signed between them.The treaty said that if William offered to Richard 10.000 marks he would be free. William would be freed of his oath of subservience to Richard. Out of patriotism Roast obeyed his king's wishes. That later led to financial problems and decline of the clan.On 1190 Roast became the father of Sir Swamphole McDuck.Later Roast's relationship with the king became tensed. In 1205 he raided the king's cellar.He died a little later due to indigestion. He was succeeded by his son in the leadership of the clan. He was burried in the family cemetery. His armor was placed in one of Dismail Downs', the clan's main castle, hallways.