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The Frontier

The Frontier, also known as das Grenzland, is a forum-based website dedicated to forum games of varying themes. The original games of the site are the world simulation Destiny of the World and the late 19th century historical game Age of Imperialism, but the site has since expanded to include a number of science fiction and fantasy games, including Shattered Sphere and Ad Astra, as well as variations of the initial world simulation and historical themes.

The small, close-knit community includes a vibrant Off Topic section in addition to the main games, which include everything from inanities to serious discussions of political and historical issues.

The exact formation and role of the site's administration has often been a highly discussed item among the forum's denizens, leading often to strung out and passionate debates about the nature of power, its abuse, and how best to rectify those problems to make for a better site government. The site is led by a council of administrators whose general job is to improve the site, keep peace, and ban troublemakers.

Although the core of the website is its forums, the administration has kept up a long project -- with mixed results -- of gathering essays, reviews, or works of fiction for the main page.

A particular quirk of the website is the "bouncy ball," which is used alternately for reward (gold or gray BBs) or punishment (red or multi-colored BBs). The small "bouncy balls" are stored under the name of an individual poster along with a description of why the poster was rewarded or punished.

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