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This article is about the Biblical Seth. For the Egyptian god, see Seth (god). For the Seth books written by Jane Roberts see Seth Jane Roberts.

In the Jewish and Christian Bible, Seth was a son of Adam and Eve. According to the Bible, all contemporary humans are descended from Seth through his great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson Noah. Seth was 105 when his first son Enosh was born, and he died at the age of 912.

In rabbinic literature, the name Seth (Hebrew: Sheth) is explained as meaning "foundation." According to this tradition, Seth was perceived as the "Foundation of the World," since he was the first person born of human parents and the ancestor of all mankind.

In their attempt to link the early Genesis genealogies with the Babylonian pantheon, nineteenth century scholars identified Seth with Shitti, an epithet for Marduk.

In the Quran he is known as Sheeth and is regarded as a Prophet.