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Seth Jane Roberts

Jane Roberts, a poet and psychic, wrote a number of books including "The Education of Oversoul Seven" and "Adventures in Consciousness". In addition, she and her husband, artist Roberts Butts, are the authors of the Seth books.

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The Seth Books

Roberts would go into trance and dictate text channeled from what purported to be a non-physical entity named Seth (that she believed might be a part of herself). Roberts and her husband, who transcribed what she dictated, published these books as a series. The list of titles includes "The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events", "The Unknown Reality" and "The Nature of Physical Reality". The sections attributed to Seth discuss the nature of physical reality, the origins of the universe, the theory of evolution, the many worlds hypothesis, the Christ story, the purpose of life, among other subjects.

In many ways Seth's arguments are radical. For example he argued that time and space are basically illusions and that both the past and future are to some extent accessible from the present. He believed that each person lives several lives simultaneously (rather than several re-incarnated lives consecutively). He argued that each person literally creates their own experience within the reality that we all share. In an argument that is reminiscent of the "many worlds hypothesis" Seth said that there are multiple realities, each as valid as any of the others.

Whereas Edgar Cayce, another psychic who also spoke about the nature of reality, re-incarnation etc, founded a school (now known as the Association for Research and Enlightenment), Seth argued that he did not wish to do so since reality is an individual experience, in his view there are no closed systems (that is, in a sense all things are possible) and he did not want to constrain the nature of anyone else's experience.


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