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Second War against Napoleon

The Second War against Napoleon was the second involvement by Sweden in the Napoleonic Wars.

Sweden declared War against France, thereby joining the Sixth Coalition, and against Denmark on March 24, 1813. A decisive victory by the allied forces at the Battle of Leipzig (the Battle of Nations) was instrumental and lead to the eventual abdication of Napoleon. The conflict with Denmark secured Swedish control over Norway. The hostilities with Denmark ended after the ceasefire at Rendsburg on December 15, 1813 and the War was concluded by the Treaty of Kiel on January 15, 1814. The War conflict with France was concluded by the Treaty of Paris on May 30, 1814.

Upon acceding to the coalition the United Kingdom ceded the island of Guadeloupe to Sweden, which by the Treaty of Paris was replaced by a financial settlement that gave rise to the Guadeloupe Fund.

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