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Sandra Zaiter

Sandra Zaiter (born approx. 1933) is a Puerto Rican children's music singer and television figure.

Zaiter was already a known children's entertainment figure and a reknowned diver when she suffered a life changing accident around 1956: Attempting a dive in a San Juan beach, she hit her head with some rocks. She survived the accident, but has been paralyzed and living in a wheelchair ever since.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Zaiter's fame rose, as she went on to record many well selling children's albums and to have a daily television show on Canal 7. This show went on to last until that channel closed its doors temporarily.

She also became a speaker for the MDA in Puerto Rico and she became an important propulsor of the association's telemarathons there.

Zaiter later moved to Telemundo Puerto Rico, where she starred in more children's shows. She is currently semi-retired from the world of entertainment, but still does television and public appearances.

Zaiter is viewed by many Puerto Ricans as a hero.