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A Säckpipa is a Swedish bagpipe. The Swedish word literally means sackpipe. Practically extinct by the middle of the 20th century, the Swedish bagpipe underwent a revival in the 1980's (the start of which can partially be attributed to Leif Ericsson and Per Gudmundson). Although little is known about how the traditional pipers played, the instrument no longer risks extinction.

The bag is notably smaller than that of many other bagpipes. This, however, is no major problem as the pipes require relatively little air. The chanter has a single cane reed and a conical bore, with a range of one octave. It is essentially diatonic (with a harmonic ascending A minor--A major with a flat third--scale starting on E) since cross-fingering has little effect.

Common modifications to the traditional model:

The fact that the chanter, with its conical bore and single reed, is extremely unaffected by crossfingering, and that that the drone is tuned to the same note and octave as the bottom note of the chanter, makes it possible to play in a closed or semi-closed manner, enabling the player to quickly play the bottom note inbetween other notes--since this will blend with the sound of the drone, it gives the illusion of silence, and the possibility to play staccato.

The tone of the instrument is quite soft, not too diffferent from that of a harmonica or an accordion.

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