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Rose Bowl

Rose Bowl is both the name of an annual college football game usually played January 1 and is the name of the stadium in Pasadena, California where the game is played. The game is part of the Tournment of Roses and was first played in 1902. The next game was not played until 1916. For most of the past 50 years the game has been between the champions of the Big Ten and Pacific 10 Conferences.

Results (Games were played in January, so for example the 2003 game was played following the 2002 season). The 1942 game played after the attack on Pearl Harbor was moved to Durham, North Carolina.

The Rose Bowl is part of the Tournament of Roses event, which features a parade with floats covered with flower petals.

The stadium is not only used for the Rose Bowl game itself, but is the home football field for UCLA.

It is also one of two stadiums to have hosted the FIFA World Cup finals for both men and women; it hosted the men's final in 1994 and the women's final in 1999. The other stadium with this honor is the Råsunda in Stockholm, which hosted the men's final in 1958 and the women's final in 1995.

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