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Caguas, Puerto Rico

Caguas (founded in 1775) is a municipality located in the eastern central area of Puerto Rico. It is known as Turabo Valley (El Valle Del Turabo in Spanish) or The Creole City (La Ciudad Criolla in Spanish) and its name's origin derives from the Taíno cacique Caguax.

Caguas is located one hour by car from San Juan and 2 hours from Ponce.

Natives of Caguas are called cagüeños.

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Its community has enjoyed one of the best economies among puertorrican cities since at least the 1980s. During the early part of the 20th century, Caguas hosted one of Puerto Rico's most important sugar manufacturers, which gave employment to thousands of cagüeños.

Numerous business and important buildings have opened up there since then, including the imposing 23 story apartment building Caguas Tower, its adjacent competitors Bonneville Apartments, the 10 floor San Juan Bautista Medical Center, Plaza Del Carmen Mall, Plaza Centro Mall, Las Catalinas Mall, and various other important structures.


Baseball team

The Criollos of Caguas (baseball) are considered the greatest of all-time in all of Latin America, having won 13 national Puerto Rico titles and 11 Caribbean World Series titles -- both titles are records. The team is a member of the Profesional Baseball League of Puerto Rico (LBPPR for its abbreviation in Spanish).

Basketball team

The Criollos of Caguas (basketball) haven't enjoyed so much success as their fellow town brothers of the baseball team, but in the early 2000s, they showed a lot of progress by reaching the national playoffs various times. The team is a member of the National Superior Basketball League of Puerto Rico (BSN for its abreviation in Spanish).


Caguas counts with the
Bairoa Gym, one of the most important boxing gyms in all Puerto Rico and a place where many visiting champions have trained at; such as boxing prospect Miguel Cotto.

Voleyball team

The Criollas of Caguas (volleyball) was a back-to-back national champion from 2000 to 2002. The team is a member of the Women's Superior Volleyball League of Puerto Rico (LVSFPR for its abbreviation in Spanish).


During the 1980's the city was directed by Mayor
Angel O. Berrios, and these days, it is commanded by Mayor William Miranda Marin, both members of the Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico -- the party has led the city for many years.

Districts / Counties / Wards

  • Bairoa
  • Beatriz
  • Borinquen
  • Cañabon
  • Cañaboncito
  • Pueblo (commonly known as El Pueblo)
  • Rio Cañas
  • San Antonio
  • San Salvador
  • Tomas de Castro
  • Turabo

Famous Cagüeños

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