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Revelation Records

Revelation Records is the name of two different record labels.

The best known Revelation Records is an independent record label focussing primarily on hardcore punk. Formerly of New Haven, Connecticut, it is based in Huntington Beach, California. It was founded in 1987 by owner Jordan Cooper, along with Ray Cappo of Youth of Today and Shelter, with the sole intent of producing the Warzone Lower East Side Crew 7". Within the year, they put out two more releases and a limited 4th pressing of Youth of Today's Can't Close My Eyes 7, which had been originally released on Positive Force Records, just for the two of them to trade for vintage toys and metal lunchboxes. In the first three years, the label put out 23 releases and pressed approximately 20,000 records, and it has continued to release an average of 7-8 albums a year.

Cappo left the business in 1988, though his albums were still released by the label after that, and he now operates Supersoul Records.

Revelation, along with the bands it put out in the late 1980s, is usually credited with creating and cementing the "youth crew" sound of New York City hardcore, which bridged the gap from the earlier bands of almost a decade before and helped carry the music through the early 1990s. Those records firmly established Revelation's reputation in the underground music scene.

To date, the label's best selling releases have been Gorilla Biscuits' Start Today, Inside Out's No Spiritual Surrender and the In-Flight Program compilation.

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There is also an unrelated Revelation Records, a Christian music record operating in areas of the former Soviet Union. That label can be found at

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