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King Ravana, in Hindu mythology of the Rakshas of Lanka (cur: Sri Lanka) was the villain of the epic Ramayana.

Ravana is depicted in art with up to ten heads. The demon gained enormous powers when he prayed to Brahma, who granted him a boon. Ravana wished that his life be protected from Devas (divinities), Asuras (enemies of the Devas), Rakshasas (demons), Gandharvas (angels), Yakshas (demigods), or other celestial or magical being. In his arrogance, Ravana forgot to ask for protection from man.

To kill the evil Ravana, Vishnu incarnated as Rama. Ravana captured Sita, Rama's wife. In order to retrieve Sita, Rama leads an army of both humans and animals to destroy Ravana. The occasion of Ravana's death is celebrated as Dusshera (also spelled Dussera). On this day, effigies of Ravana are publicly burnt.