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Raleigh-Durham International Airport

Raleigh-Durham International Airport is an airport located in Durham, North Carolina, near Raleigh, North Carolina. It has the IATA Airport Code RDU.

Piedmont Airlines was the airport's first major tenant.

RDU was a major north-south hub for American Airlines between 1987 and 1996, and also had nonstop flights to London Gatwick Airport and Paris' Orly Airport. The airport's modern Terminal C was constructed to service America's flights. However, after Miami International Airport became an AA hub in 1989, the need for RDU gradually diminished. American began downsizing its RDU operation in 1993 and eventually discontinued almost all of its domestic flights there, although it still runs a daily service to Gatwick.

In 2000, RDU set its all-time traffic record, thanks to its Midway Airlines hub, as well as the strong presence of Southwest Airlines. However, after Midway went bankrupt in 2001, the airport's traffic numbers plummeted.

In December 2003, the airport authority announced plans to demolish the existing 300,000 square foot Terminal C and replace it with a new 900,000 sq. ft. facility. Construction is expected to being in 2005 and be complete by 2008. [1]

Raleigh-Durham International Airport has two terminals.

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Terminal A

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