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Minneapolis skyway

Skyway interior
In the general sense, a skyway can be considered to be a path between two points that is traversed without touching the ground. There are a few more specific meanings.

In an urban setting, a skyway is an enclosed bridge between two buildings. This protects pedestrians from precipitation and cold. These skyways are usually owned by businesses, and are therefore not public spaces (compare with sidewalk). Skyways usually connect on the second or third floor, though they are sometimes much higher, like in the Petronas Towers (though this skyway is often referred to as a sky bridge).

In air travel, a skyway is a "highway in the sky"—the path that airliners take through the atmosphere.

In local transportation, a skyway can be a ski lift or other suspended-carriage system. In Chicagoland the Skyway is a toll expressway.

Some cities have the equivalent of a skyway underground; see underground city.

List of cities with notable skyway systems

City: Length: Number of Skyways: Blocks Connected

A map of the Minneapolis skyway system