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Ptolemy VI of Egypt

Ptolemy VI (c. 191-145 BC) was a king of Egypt from the Ptolemaic period. He reigned from 180-145 BC.

Ptolemy succeeded in 180 at the age of about 12 and ruled jointly with his mother, Cleopatra I, until her death in 176 BC. The following year he married his sister, Cleopatra II.

In 170 BC, Antiochus IV began the sixth Syrian War and invaded Egypt twice. He was crowned as its king in 168, but abandoned his claim on the orders of the Roman Senate. From 169-164 Egypt was ruled by a triumvirate consisting of Ptolemy, his sister-queen and his younger brother known as Ptolemy VIII, but in 164 he was driven out by his brother and went to Rome to seek support, which he received from Cato. He was restored the following year by the intervention of the Alexandrians and ruled uneasily, cruelly suppressing frequent rebellions, until he was killed in Syria, fighting against Alexander Balas.