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Cleopatra II of Egypt

Cleopatra II (c.185-116 BC), a queen of Egypt, daughter of Cleopatra I. She was married to her brother, Ptolemy VI (c.175 BC). They and their brother, Ptolemy VIII, were co-rulers of Egypt from 171 BC to 164 BC during a war with Antiochus IV of Syria from which Rome finally rescued Egypt. She became regent for her son Ptolemy VII in 145 BC on her husband's death and married her other brother, Ptolemy VIII, in 144 BC, whereupon he slew Ptolemy VII and made himself king. In 142 BC he took her younger daughter, his niece, Cleopatra III, as wife without divorcing his sister and made his new wife joint ruler. Cleopatra II led a rebellion against Ptolemy in 132 BC and she remained hostile to him until a public reconciliation was declared in 124 BC. She had promised the throne of Egypt to her son-in-law, Demetrius II of Syria, but in 125 BC Ptolemy had him assassinated. After this she ruled jointly with her brother and daughter until 116 BC when Ptolemy died, leaving the kingdom to Cleopatra III. She herself died shortly after. Her son by Ptolemy had been murdered by him to promote the interests of his sons by Cleopatra III.