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Princess Royal

Princess Royal is a style customarily (but not automatically) awarded by a British monarch to his or her eldest daughter. The style is held for life, so a princess cannot be given the style during the lifetime of another Princess Royal. There have been seven Princesses Royal in total [1].

List of Princesses Royal

The following is a complete list of women officially styled as "Princess Royal":-

  1. Princess Mary (1631 - 1660): daughter of King Charles I; wife of William II, Prince of Orange (1626 - 1650)
  2. Princess Anne (1709 - 1759): daughter of King George II; wife of William IV, Prince of Orange (1711 - 1751)
  3. Princess Charlotte (1766 - 1828): daughter of King George III; wife of Friedrich I, King of Württemberg (1754 - 1816)
  4. Princess Victoria (1840 - 1901): daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert; wife of Friedrich III, King of Prussia and German Emperor (1831 - 1888); mother of Wilhelm II, last King of Prussia and last German Emperor (1859 - 1941)
  5. Princess Louise (1867 - 1931): daughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra; sister of King George V; wife of Alexander Duff, 1st Duke of Fife (1849 - 1912)
  6. Princess Mary (1897 - 1965): daughter of King George V and Queen Mary; sister of King Edward VIII and King George VI; wife of Henry Lascelles, 6th Earl of Harewood (1882 - 1947)
  7. Princess Anne (born 1950): daughter of Queen Elizabeth II; wife firstly of Mark Phillips (born 1948) and secondly of Timothy Laurence (born 1955)