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The PGA TOUR (correctly rendered in all caps) is an organization headquartered in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA which operates the USA's main professional golf tours. The PGA TOUR operates the following men's tours, which operate mostly in the USA with an occasional event in Canada:

The PGA TOUR also conducts an annual Qualifying School, a six-round tournament held each fall; top finishers receive privileges to play on the following year's PGA TOUR. Other upper-level finishers receive privileges on the Nationwide Tour.

The PGA TOUR also operates the LPGA Tour for women; see the LPGA article for more details on that tour.

Note that the PGA TOUR is a completely separate organization from the PGA of America, which is now primarily an association of club professionals. The PGA of America, not the PGA TOUR, runs the PGA Championship, Senior PGA Championship, and Ryder Cup.

Leading money winners - men's tour: