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PDP is an abbreviation for Programmable Data Processor; they were a series of computers, several of them ground-breaking and very influential, made by Digital Equipment Corporation. They were given that name because at the time of their introduction, computers had a reputation of being large and expensive machines, and the PDP machines were aimed at a market which couldn't afford the larger computers.

Some of the PDP machines are related to each other in families; but most have little more in common than having been made by the same company.

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PDP Series

Members of the PDP series include:

Related computers:

The LINC and the PDP-8 can be considered the first minicomputers, and perhaps the first personal computers as well. The PDP-8 and PDP-11 were the most popular of the PDP series of machines.

Digital never made a PDP-20, although the term was sometimes used for a PDP-10 running TOPS-20.

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